Client Testimonials
My first experience with tattoo removal was at [another laser center]. The staff there were inexperienced and the office felt “cold” and lacked personality .
I decided to try tattoo MD and was impressed!! The office ambiance was spa like and warm. The staff were great!! Janine the NP gave me a different laser tx because of the ink color. Affordable and classy..Thank you….
“It was WAY less painful than getting a tattoo! The numbing cream they sell works great for tattoos and for removal of tattoos; I got a tattoo on my under arm and put the numbing cream they sell on first; I didn’t even feel the pain!”
– Sergio E.
“I wanted to begin by thanking Dr Kaplan and his staff for everything they have done for me. When I decided to have my tattoos removed, I did research for about a year. I wanted to make sure that I chose a doctor who thoroughly reviewed my options and possible results. I am so happy that I chose Tattoo MD! Dr. Kaplan is so knowledgeable and professional, and his staff is just as wonderful. Everyone is always so nice and accommodating. They really go out of their way to make you feel comfortable and at ease. I have recommended Tattoo MD to all of my friends and family.I honestly thought I would have to live with my huge tattoo which was a result of my teenage years, but Tattoo MD has given me hope. Not only do you provide exceptional service, but you offer the best prices in town! I never thought I would be able to afford tattoo removal, but you made it possible.Thank you for making me feel beautiful again!”
– Anonymous
“Very friendly staff.”
“Wendy, Jeannine and Kasey –I just wanted to drop you ladies a note to say how great I think you all are!  I’m so impressed with TMD Medispa, you are all so professional, and make me feel confident in your products and procedures.

I look forward to a long and happy relationship :-)

See you soon,”

“Very nice office.”
“It’s a really clean outfit here, and your staff is great; they’re really friendly.”
– Jill D.
“I turned sixty years old a few months ago and was looking tired. The trouble was I wasn’t feeling tired. I needed a little help to make me look younger.
I went to Tattoo MD where I was met by a very courteous and professional staff. Jeannine took my information and I decided on Radiesse for my face and Juvederm to enhance my lips.
Jeannine used lidocaine to numb my injection areas when injecting the Radiesse, and it was relatively painless. She injected my lips with Juvederm after using a lidocaine jell to diminish the pain. The professionalism of the team made me feel relaxed and confident during the procedures.
I am so happy with the end results. My eyes look much younger. The Radiesse lifted my cheeks. The chin area injections seemed to remove my jowls. My lips reminded me of a younger time.
When I returned to work the following week, everyone told me how rested I looked after a few days off. They all could tell a difference however that weren’t sure of what I had done. My husband said I looked fantastic, sexy, and ten years younger.
Thank you for a great experience, I highly recommend Tattoo MD.”
-Janice Stilkey