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Juvederm .4 ml Syringes Now at Tattoo MD!

Tattoo MD Medispa now carries .4 ml Juvederm syringes.  The standard size of Juvederm is .8 ml and is a sufficient amount to treat nasolabial folds.  Enough may be left over after treatment to allow for a little lip augmentation as well.   Or the whole syringe could be used for lips alone.  The advantage of the .4 ml syringe is the ability to use a smaller amount of filler for certain areas, such as subtle lip augmentation or treating marionette lines (next to the chin).  It’s also excellent for touch-ups when you don’t wish to purchase a full .8 ml syringe.

Due to it’s smaller size, the .4 ml syringe is priced at $350 vs. the .8 ml syringe, priced at $550.  For those of you that have never tried injectable hyaluronic acid fillers before but have been thinking about it, the .4 ml syringe of Juvederm is an excellent way to give it a try.  If you are interested in a free consultation, please call Tattoo MD Medispa at 310-312-1231 or contact us by email!