BOTOX® for Wrinkles
BOTOX is the most popular cosmetic procedure in the United States, with over a million procedures annually which has been FDA approved for over 30 years. It is remarkably safe and has predictable results.
BOTOX works to combat aging by freezing the muscles that cause wrinkles. Only those muscles that are not essential for function are treated, such as muscles for frowning or wrinkling the forehead.
At Tattoo MD Medispa, you can receive BOTOX for the following areas to smooth away wrinkles:
  • Frown lines
  • Forehead lines
  • Crow’s Feet
  • Nose wrinkles
  • Marionette Lines and chin wrinkles
You’ll notice the first results after a few days, and they typically last 3-4 months.
Some wrinkles, especially in younger patients, may go away completely while others will be further improved with dermal filler injections, such as Juvederm or Radiesse. At Tattoo MD Medi-Spa, your clinician customizes your treatment during your FREE Consultation.
Dysport is a botulinum toxin like Botox but is made by a different company, Medicis. Dysport was recently approved by the FDA but has been used extensively in Europe for reducing wrinkles for years. Dysport has the same FDA indications for use that Botox does and lasts a similar length of time. Injections are also performed in the same way. One major difference is that units are counted differently. At TMD Medispa, we inject 3 units of Dysport for the equivalent 1 unit of Botox.Why use Dysport?

  • Since these two botulinum toxins are similar but not exactly the same, differences in effect within individual patients are possible. It may be worth trying, for instance, to see if Dysport lasts longer in your particular case than Botox.
BOTOX® for Excessive Sweating
At TMD Medi-Spa, you can now receive BOTOX® for excessive sweating. Some individuals are inconvenienced by sweating that is so severe that anti-perspirants are not effective. This leads to drenched clothing at mild temperatures, causing embarrassment. This may involve the hands, feet, underarms, or other parts of the body. Now at TMD, BOTOX® is available to put this problem to rest. You can get months of improved or absent sweating through the injection of BOTOX® directly into the skin in that area.

  • BOTOX® takes effect after approximately 3 days, and is usually maximal after one week. It is approximately 90% effective and generally lasts about 7 months, with a range of 3 to 17 months. In a clinical study, average sweat production at 24 weeks was still below 50% of the preinjection level.
  • Special pricing of $7.50/unit when purchasing a vial (100 units) for sweating treatment applies.
BOTOX® for Chronic Tension and Migraine Headaches
Numerous scientific studies have shown that BOTOX® benefits headache sufferers. This was discovered incidentally among patients receiving BOTOX® for cosmetic purposes. In addition to reducing forehead wrinkles, BOTOX® was also preventing headaches! There are now standard treatment protocols depending on the type of headache – migraine or tension. Injection sites differ depending on the type of headache and the location of pain.
Call TMD Medi-Spa now to set up a no-obligation consultation! Special pricing of $7.50/unit when purchasing a vial (100 units) for headache treatment applies. Although BOTOX® treatment is safe and effective for migraine and tension headaches, it is not a substitute for medical evaluation of your headaches by your personal doctor. We advise that you consult with your physician prior to deciding on BOTOX® treatment.
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Botox F.A.Q.’s

1. How long do BOTOX® & Dysport® last?

The effects of botulinum toxins last an average of 3 months. That means that it will last less than 3 months for some and more than 3 months for others.

2. How do I know if I’m getting “full-strength” BOTOX?

BOTOX comes as a dry powder containing 100 units of the substance, and it cannot be injected without first being dissolved in saline. It can be reconstituted in a large or a small amount of saline but that does not matter as long as you are getting the specific number of units that you have been told. Dysport has the same handling as BOTOX.

3. I heard that BOTOX is a poison. Is it safe to use in humans?

As with most of the medications used today in medicine, BOTOX is entirely safe in the doses used to treat wrinkles (less than 100 units). No deaths or systemic problems have ever occurred from authentic BOTOX Cosmetic.

4. How does BOTOX® make my wrinkles go away?

BOTOX & Dysport work on the muscles in your face that cause wrinkles. Most often, they are used for wrinkles caused by frowning, squinting, and raising one’s eyebrows. When these movements are suppressed with BOTOX, the wrinkles may fade greatly. The extent of this process depends on how deeply set the wrinkles are and the youthfulness of one’s skin.

5. How much botulinum toxin should I expect to need in one visit for wrinkle treatment?

This varies greatly from patient to patient. Most commonly, you would use 15-50 units of BOTOX per visit, but this depends on the areas treated and the strength of the muscles in those areas. If you have had BOTOX before, it is helpful to let us know how many units were used for you previously.

6. Is there any downtime after BOTOX or Dysport?

After 20 minutes, there is no swelling at the injection site. Occasionally (<10%) there can be a small bruise, but this goes away and can be covered with make-up. Botulinum toxin effects become noticeable at about 3 days and are maximal by about a week.

At TMD Medi-Spa, we customize your treatment during your FREE Consultation. Usually, some combination of BOTOX®, dermal fillers, Vi Peel , microdermabrasion, IPL Photofacial, or Fraxel is what it takes to make your skin look younger and healthier.

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