Fraxel Re:store

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What is Fraxel?

Fraxel is the most advanced laser technology available at TMD Medi-Spa for skin resurfacing, scars and wrinkles. Fraxel has enjoyed growing popularity due to its proven effectiveness, safety profile, comfort of treatment, and utility in a broad range of skin colors. Fraxel treatment is a revolutionary laser treatment that takes away years from your appearance and helps you regain a more youthful look.

How Fraxel Re:store Works
The Fraxel laser concentrates beams of laser light energy on pinpoint areas of the skin, leaving the surrounding skin unaffected. These columns of laser thermal effect start a cycle of healing causing damaged and scarred skin to be replaced with smoother, healthier skin from the inside out. Unlike older laser treatments that were not “fractionated,” Fraxel is so safe because each treatment only affects a fraction of the damaged skin, allowing quick healing and minimal downtime.

Conditions treated

  • wrinkles and sun damage
  • acne scars and pitting
  • stretch marks
  • scars
  • melasma
  • hyperpigmentation and pigment disorders
  • anti-aging
Fraxel Re:store Pricing Info – prices not current, see Celebritylaserspa.comfor current info
Area Single Treatment Prepay Package of 4 Treatments
$700 $2500
$425 $1550
Upper chest/decolettage
$700 $2500
Face and Neck
$1075 $3900
Other areas
call call
0% Financing Available
Fraxel F.A.Q.’s

Is treatment with Fraxel safe, especially if I have darker skin?

Fraxel is so safe that it is used in all skin colors and skin types. Traditional laser treatments target melanin and or have a higher risk of scarring. Since the laser light in Fraxel targets water and is fractionated it can be used in Asian, Latino and Middle-Eastern skin types.

What kind of results can I expect from Fraxel treatment?

Each Fraxel treatment results in improvements in the color, texture, and vitality of your skin. While it is impossible to completely reverse or erase the signs of aging or skin damage, Fraxel gets closer to this goal with each treatment.

How frequently do I need treatments?

A single treatment may be satisfactory for some, however treatments may be repeated once every 4-6 weeks or more for additional benefits.

Who performs the treatments?

Your treatments will be performed by one of our physician assistants.

Does Fraxel treatment hurt?

Prior to Fraxel treatment, we will provide a topical numbing (anesthetic cream) to make sure that the procedure is comfortable for you.

How long does treatment take?

Between 15 and 30 minutes.

What happens after each treatment?

You can return to routine activities in as little as one hour or, for more aggressive treatments, in a few days.To protect your skin after treatment, wear sunscreen of SPF 30 or higher (available at TMD), avoid direct sun exposure for at least 3 months, and wear a wide-brimmed hat when you’re in the sun