Sclerotherapy for Spider Veins
Spider veins of the legs are extremely common, affecting millions of men and women. These veins may be red, blue, or purple and arise anywhere on the leg – from the thigh to the ankle. These veins may not only be unsightly but cause symptoms including aching, burning, swelling and cramping during the night. Sclerotherapy is a simple procedure that involves the injection of a solution that causes the vein to collapse and fade away. Leg vein sclerotherapy has been used in Europe for over 50 years but has only recently become popular in the United States. Tattoo MD Laser Clinic now offers this simple yet effective procedure to treat spider veins of the leg. Please read further for additional information.
What Are Spider Veins?
Spider veins, also known as telangiectasias, are small, thin-walled veins that appear just under the surface of the skin. They differ from varicose veins in that the latter are much larger, may cause a bulge of the skin, and are more likely to be associated with painful symptoms. While sclerotherapy may sometimes be used with varicose veins, surgery is often indicated to treat them. Spider veins may develop due to genetics, pregnancy and hormonal changes, weight gain, and prolonged standing.
Who is a candidate for sclerotherapy?
Women of any age are candidates for sclerotherapy, however, at Tattoo MD, we defer treatment on women who are pregnant. Men are also candidates at any age.
What to Expect From Sclerotherapy
Sclerotherapy is a very effective procedure, but results vary on an individual basis. After each sclerotherapy session, the veins will appear lighter. Two or more sessions are usually required to achieve results, although as many as six sessions may be needed. Some veins may be resistant to treatment. If you have a medical condition related to your spider veins, such as liver disease, hormonal imbalance or another disorder, we advise you to first seek treatment for that condition prior to considering sclerotherapy.
Side Effects and Risks
Serious medical complications from sclerotherapy are extremely rare but may occur: There may be some bruising or increased pigmentation in the area which are temporary. More serious side effects are rare and will discussed with you during your consultation.
Sclerotherapy Procedure
Your sclerotherapy session will probably last around 30 minutes. No anesthetic is needed. Approximately one injection is used for every inch of vein. You may feel the mild pricks of the needle and a burning sensation. Afterwards, a cotton ball and compression tape is applied at the injection sites. You will be provided with specific but simple aftercare instructions after your treatment. Treated veins will initially look worse and you may notice some bruising, but this fades with time. Treatment of the same area can be repeated after 1 month. As the injected areas heal, you will notice improvement with each session.
Your New Legs
Most patients are amazed by the difference that sclerotherapy makes in their appearance. You may notice that you are able to wear shorts or skirts that you previously felt too uncomfortable to wear. With time, new spider veins may appear for which you may want to return for a “touch-up”.
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