TMD Medispa / Tattoo MD Gift & Loyalty Cards
TMD gift cards are a great way to give a special something very special and meaningful to that very important person in you life. You may want to give the gift of laser tattoo removal for someone who has a tattoo they’ve been wanting to remove. Or you may want to pay for Botox that your relative has been asking about. With a TMD Giftcard, they can choose from any of our products and services any time. There is no annual fee and no usage fee for the TMD Giftcard.
Our gift cards also function as loyalty cards. When you make a purchase at TMD Medispa, you generate TMD points good towards products and services. The more you spend, the more points you get, with no limits! Contact us if you wish to purchase a TMD Giftcard of any denomination! We will charge it with the amount that you request.